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An informal dynasty: How the Speidel family has influenced UBC

Oftentimes, campus ministry is a two-sided coin: sharing the Gospel and actively contributing to campus life. For the Speidel family at UBC, this has resulted in an 'informal dynasty' as RAs in the residences and leaders in the campus Navigator group.
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Bringing Jesus into more conversations through UReason

In late September, the U of C Navigators spearheaded a campus outreach called UReason in partnership with the other Christian groups on campus. The event featured speakers from RZIM, including Dr. Ravi Zacharias, who gave a series of lectures to students over two days on a variety of faith-related topics.
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An intern's perspective: Generations

Bruce Narbaitz, an intern at Carleton University in Ottawa, ON, recently sent out an update about how he is seeing God at work among the students. We wanted to share his thoughts on how he is seeing a generational impact unfolding, one person at a time.
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Jessikah Kumordzie: A Heart for Youth

Jessikah Kumordzie has been involved with Life Change Adventures for the past two years as a leader with the Sunnydale Connect program. How did she get involved? What drives her? Why does she do this? Read on to find out.
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