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Janet Holden in Angola

In this video, Janet talks about the ministry they’ve established in Angola and the lessons she and her family have had to learn through tragedy and adversity. Powerful and compelling, this story is well worth the watch.
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Meeting God in the Broken Places

In Western culture, head knowledge, like analytical and critical thinking, has become the most celebrated form of intelligence. But what about heart knowledge? The kind of knowledge that cannot be taught except through lived experience and action.
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Continuing to work with inner-city youth

A key element of the Navigator mission is to help foster healthy community. One of the ways we do this is by getting involved in local events and initiatives.
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A Seemingly Simple Act

It's one thing to learn something backwards and forwards. It's another to pass that on to someone else. Passing knowledge and experience on to another is what the Navigators call having a generational impact. Here's an example of what this can look like.
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Learning to Lead

Part of our Navigator vision is to grow young new leaders into excellent leaders in their communities. One of these new leaders is Andreas Russell in Vancouver, BC. Andreas has been involved with the Navigators for several years as a student, and now as an intern. This past year provided him with some unexpected growth experiences, where he certainly stepped up to the plate.
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Live one moment at a time and that moment for God. Don't think of a holy life for that will drown you by its' immensity, but remember that a holy life is a series of holy moments.~ Sidlow Baxter