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A Change of Clothes: Making the Good News Relevant

Allan and Caulene Bussard have been working in Eastern Europe in association with the Navigators since 1975. In their efforts to effect change in the lives of those they work with, they've had to adapt their approach to one that makes sense and is practical to the people living in the Eastern European culture.
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The Navigators at U of C, with Rick McCallum

The most strategic mission field is always the next generation.
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And the beat goes on

Nuke Shim has been involved with the Navigators for the past 54 years along with his wife Vie, tangibly showing the Chinese students and immigrants they work with that they are loved.
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First hand tellings of the Ottawa shootings

Canadians everywhere were shaken on Wednesday when the Ottawa downtown became a scene of chaos as a result of a gunman's murderous trek to Parliament's Centre Block. The shooter was shot and killed by the House of Commons' sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers, but not before he shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, one of two reservists standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the War Memorial.
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Elvis, Dutch Blitz and Befriending Anxiety: The Navigators Fall Retreats

Over the past couple months, Navigator campus groups across the country have taken a weekend to get away, bond with one another and learn more about God. These retreats have become a crucial element in the campus ministries that have implemented it, taking place once in the fall and winter semesters.
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Stepping out in Faith – Paul Tan and the Edmonton Navigators

Before Canada, Paul was living in Singapore. He and his twin brother attended an Anglican-run mission school. Even though he was surrounded by Christian influence, his curiosity in learning more about the Christian message came from two of his classmates. The faith they had, he says, directed how they lived their lives.
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Student leaders return from global leadership training

Every year, student leaders from Navigator ministries across the world come to The Navigators’ headquarters at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, Colorado for an intensive two-month leadership course called the Global Student Program (GSP). During this time, participants interact with influential Navigator leaders from all over the world, being trained as leaders who are able to pass what they have learned on to others.
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Forming and Forging Friendships with Frisbee

Forging genuine connections with other people begins with building a foundation on the common ground we share. At the University of Alberta this past summer, a group of students from the Navigator group found common ground through ultimate frisbee.
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A light in the mine

Josh Davis always knew he would end up in mining. His birthday, August 17, is the same day gold was first discovered in the Yukon. His passion continued to grow when his grandfather gave him a coin from the first gold poured when one of his mines went into production. In his business dealings, his grandfather demonstrated integrity, generosity and kindness. These seeds sprouted up in young Josh, creating a desire to work in mining.
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Family Dinner

Saralyn Tyler says she saw a need in the neighbourhood. “I would bump into somebody on the street, or on the bus or on campus and got the sense that everybody was really busy and that we needed to be more intentional about being in community, encouraging each other and getting away from the busyness of life and school.”
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Trial by Jungle

Carlos is one of many people in the Navigators who have made themselves available to God, even at the expense of their own plans. This often requires a willingness to learn, to change and to develop relationships with people so God can do what only he can do.
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New leaders on campus

JD’s efforts to restart the Guelph campus ministry are one of the many ways we’re seeing new leaders emerging and taking on greater responsibilities. Not only are they working to further develop the campus ministries, they’re going out into their community to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
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Missional Money

We are all familiar with the story of how Jesus selected his band of disciples, lived his life with them and invited them to discover their destiny. This life-on-life approach to ministry continues to this day.
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(Un)Conventional leadership

In staying where God has called them, Pete says they’ve come to the realization that “if there was no longer a Navigator organization in Canada anymore, we would still be doing the same thing because it’s what we’re called to do – to impact the lives of others and bring hope where it is lacking.”
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Faith in the Midst of Adversity

The Holden family has lived and worked among the people of Lubango, the capital city of the southern Huila province of Angola for over 30 years. They have focused on training and teaching emerging leaders to be examples of Jesus’ love to those around them.
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National Director Appointed

It is with thankful hearts that we send Eric off on the next leg of his walk with God and with great pleasure that we welcome Chris to his new role for the next five years.
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Helping Them Live a Life of Dignity

On June 15, 2014, armed gunmen entered Mpeketoni, a small community of approximately 1,000 people southwest of Lamu, Kenya. The attackers torched businesses, homes and vehicles and killed approximately 60 people, mostly men.
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Seeing the Person, Not the Circumstances

What do you think of when you hear the words 'marginalized,' 'oppressed,' or 'vulnerable'? Is it starving children in Africa? Refugees living in a camp? Orphans and widows in the developing world?
In every group, in every community, there are always marginalized people.
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Janet Holden in Angola

In this video, Janet talks about the ministry they’ve established in Angola and the lessons she and her family have had to learn through tragedy and adversity. Powerful and compelling, this story is well worth the watch.
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