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The need for soul talk: Why spirituality is still relevant to mental health

If you asked *Nancy’s friends to describe her, they might tell you about her endearing sense of humour. For certain they would mention her willingness to help others, and likely have many anecdotes proving their point. They might even go so far as to tell you how cutthroat she can be when playing Settlers of Catan. What they probably can’t tell you about though, is the depression and OCD she struggles with on a daily basis.
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Stepping into the danger zone: Mike's story

Mike* was a typical university student. As a fourth-year English literature student at Aleppo University in Syria, life was busy, full of classes and late night work on assignments and papers. It was the usual hectic schedule common to students on campuses across the world. Until one day, when life as he knew it turned upside down.
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An informal dynasty: How the Speidel family has influenced UBC

Oftentimes, campus ministry is a two-sided coin: sharing the Gospel and actively contributing to campus life. For the Speidel family at UBC, this has resulted in an 'informal dynasty' as RAs in the residences and leaders in the campus Navigator group.
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Helping the Helpers - Greg Paul in Kingston

On November 10 and 11, Dan McIver and the Kingston Navigators, in partnership with nightlight and Geneva House, invited Greg Paul to visit the city and give two talks on his experiences with inner-city ministry.
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Beyond the Fun: How LCA is transforming lives and communities

From August 17-21, Life Change Adventures hosted their eighth annual 5 Fun Days camp for nearly 100 kids. However, having fun is only the beginning...
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