The Mission Immersion Project

The Mission Immersion Project is an invitation to discover life beyond the normal, to make the mundane exceptional … to change our world!

The Mission Immersion Project invites you to:

  • Explore new ideas and partner with people who work for change.
  • Journey alongside those seeking brighter and more hopeful futures.
  • Participate with others and discover your role and contribution to change.
  • Empower a generation towards a lifetime of investing in the process of change.

By engaging in these, the Mission Immersion Project

  • Equips people with the insight, understanding and skills for change
  • Inspires all to live out authentic and transformative relationships
  • Cultivates the type of character that builds confidence in all.

Embrace Your Mission

Immersion into a variety of contexts and relationships increases awareness and provides an understanding of your strongest contribution for promoting change ensuring a lifetime contribution.

Experience Team Work

Encounter the synergy that arises through making your contribution within a healthy and vibrant team context

Engage Your Passion

Passion inspires the extraordinary. Life is an adventure to be lived. Learn to apply the insights and skills you acquire towards a lifetime of investment and transformation.

We hope that people engage mission as a lifestyle, not just an experience

Nikki Horne

What to Expect

  • Reading and Discussions
  • Curriculum-Based Assignments
  • Focus on Poverty and Justice
  • Basics of Investing in Another
  • Participation in a Local Change Context
  • Cross Cultural and Economic Encounters
  • Practice of Perceiving and Reflection
  • Personal Coaching & Challenging Group Interaction
  • Involvement in an Initiative:



Investment in individual

Inner city experience





International experience

Cross cultural






  • September -November

    Submit your Mission Immersion Application

  • December

    Accept offer and confirm committment


    Get immersed in your local contexts

  • Mid February

    Explore mission in a city close to you

  • Early May

    Travel into an international context

  • End of May

    Reflect on the journey together

Jump In!

This program is for people who are seeking to live out their passion as their lifestyle. People who are willing to run towards change and development alongside of others committed to doing the same. Participants will leave the time  with a clear and renewed sense of purpose and solid foundation from which to launch into their life’s mission. If you are already actively engaged or are seeking to be we invite you to join us: to connect, talk, study, wrestle and journey together. If this is you, download and fill out the form below:

When the story of these times gets written, we want it to say that we did all we could, and it was more than anyone could have imagined.



It’s not about solving all the problems. It’s about using your gifts to address the needs in your own community.

Essie, MI2015

I was there to reinforce the value of the work the community had done

Janelle, MI2014, re: school building project in Onzole, Ecuador.

Get in Touch

Mission Immersion was launched by Life Change Adventures,
and is now a national program of the Navigators of Canada