Who are these people anyway?

We are a movement of people whose passion is to know, love and become like Jesus Christ. We seek to build communities of faith around Jesus that are environments of grace, truth and love, places to make sense of Jesus, his message, and what it means to follow him. We want to experience and have our lives be shaped and transformed by the Good News of Jesus, and become agents of good, healing, and reconciliation on our campus, in the city of Edmonton and around the world.

Our Calling

To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His kingdom
into the nations
through spiritual generations of labourers
living and discipling among all people.

We seek to cultivate rhythms/habits in our lives in order to grow as followers/disciples of Jesus. These rhythms/habits include:

1. Daily time with God. We gather to commune with God in reading the Bible, sharing insights from our time with God to encourage one another and praying together before dismissing for classes.

2. Weekly communities of faith around Jesus, called "Transformational Communities (TC's)." TC's spend time studying the Bible, sharing our lives and praying for one another weekly. Please see "Get Involved" for more details.

3. Every other Friday gathering called "Morph" at 5pm where we begin with eating together, followed by time of fellowship and encouragement from the Scriptures (the Bible) to grow in our faith in Jesus and our friendships. We take this time to focus on Jesus so that we will be "morphed," transformed by God and the gospel, towards becoming more like Jesus. We seek to spur one another on to good works produced by faith, labour prompted by love and endurance inspired by hope in our King Jesus. Join us as we apprentice our lives after Jesus and his teachings. Please see "Get Involved" for next Morph.

4. Serving others. We are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). We collaborate with organizations and agencies to serve others. Please see "Get Involved" for more details.

Meet the team

Who are The Navigators?
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