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Pre-conference June 6-8 and Advance June 8-10
Navigator ministry personnel and those with project accounts register here.

Please book your flight and have all your details ready. Please complete your registration in one sitting because partial registrations are not stored and cannot be retrived and completed later. Do NOT use the back button on your browser to view your registration because it will reset the form, leaving it blank. If you need to use your browser to get other information, open a new tab.

Registration fee: $1350 or $1450 after April 13.
Questions? View the ministry personnel FAQ

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Postal Code: 
Allergy Issues:
Dietary Concerns:
Total: $

Travel Information

 I will drive to Ambrose University, no need for shuttle service.
Flying to Calgary
 Time:Flight Number:
 Time:Flight Number:
Shuttle Service for those Flying to Calgary
Ambrose shuttle:
I will take the shuttle from YYC to Ambrose University - June 6, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00pm
Airport shuttle:
I will take the shuttle from Ambrose University to YYC - June 10, 1:30pm
Information about travel expense reimbursement
Please send your conference travel expense documents to Averil Harder. Round trip air travel expenses (for those with ministry budgets) will be reimbursed up to $1500 (International). If you are driving, mileage is not reimbursable and must not be included in a ministry expense report. Submit your gas receipts for reimbursement.


Private room:
I will pay an extra $35/night for a private room ($140 for 4 nights).
Shared room:
All rooms are doubles. If possible I would like to share a room with: Please note that this does not register the name specified.
Room sharing arrangements are not guaranteed.
For Room Assignment:
Female:   or    Male:   Anyone sharing a room please indicate female/male
Scheduled Breakfasts:
I will not be attending scheduled breakfasts.
Child Care
For children ages 3-12 staying with their parents (June 6-10), the cost is $250 per child.
Child care is provided during all the main sessions in the Airhart Theatre beginning Friday morning.
Number of Children:
Children ages 3-12:
Please provide each child's name, age and any dietary or behavioural concerns:
Total: $


Please transfer funds from my personnel account (or other project - type 3 letter code in comments)
See FAQ for more info
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Program Choices

Ranch Day
On Thursday we will be at Boundary Ranch. Choose an activity and remember that unguided hikes can happen anytime you wish.
Select one activity:
Affinity Groups
On Saturday afternoon you will meet in one of the following affinity groups for one 90-minute session.
Area of Ministry:
Student Ministry (SM) - discipleship communities with students
Marketplace (MP) - business, workplace, social enterprise
Community Development (CD) - serving the poor and powerless
Church Discipleship (CDM) - church discipleship ministry
Cross-cultural (CC) - overseas, refugees, newcomers
Neighbourhoods and Families (NF) - neighbours and extended families
Stage of Life:
20s, early 30s, launching careers (LC)
Families with Young Children (FC)
Second Half (2H) - golden years, retirement

Prioritize your top 3 choices. We will try to accommodate your first choice.
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Third Choice:
Day Break Discussions
Saturday and Sunday morning (7:30-8:30am) - Two optional discussion groups each day.
Virtues and Spiritual Formation with Glenn Smith – How does the cultivation of virtue shape our character and impact our culture?
Do Nothing, Change Everything with Mark Buchanan – Mark will lead an interactive session on the connection between resting and risking — how Sabbath-keeping and being on mission interrelate.
The Day Metallica Came To Church with John van Sloten – There's something hopeful in knowing that God is already at work in his world. In this talk we'll look at the Spirit's whisperings through the music of Metallica, the play of the Toronto Blue Jays, and the science of an atheist kinesiologist.
Discussion with Mutua Mahiaini (title and description coming soon).

Thank you!

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