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Bruce Narbaitz

Bruce Narbaitz

Campus Staff - McMaster

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Bruce was born and raised in Ottawa. Through the ministry of Canterbury High School's Christian club, he started following Jesus in his teen years. Ever since, student ministry has been very close to his heart. Joining the Navigators was a natural path for him as he entered Carleton University to study English Literature. Long story short: It was an amazing experience.

Shortly after graduating, Bruce dove into an internship with the Navigators in Ottawa. He was stretched in his faith, learned lots, and was able to participate in some of the amazing Kingdom work. After two great years, he transitioned from intern to staff. Two years after that, in the summer of 2018, he left his beloved hometown to lead the Navigators campus team at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Bruce is passionate about Jesus, climbing things, creative writing, board games, dancing, soccer, potatoes, and honest conversation.

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