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Rick McCallum

Rick McCallum

Campus Ministry Director

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"The most strategic mission field is always the next generation."

That's a big reason why Rick works with the Navigators, where he's served directing the University of Calgary chapter for over 18 years. 

Rick's calling to bring the gospel to university students began as a new Christian attending university himself. He met the Navigators his first day on campus, and despite living and studying in a higher education setting that was often hostile to Christianity, his faith grew. After graduating from university Rick moved to Calgary to work in the oil and gas industry.

The University of Calgary is like many universities in Canada today - ideas flow everywhere. Dozens of worldviews are on display, from secular humanism to hedonism to materialism. With so many ideas to offer, how do students choose?

The Navigators continue to have a wide open door for effective ministry at the UofC. Rick's biggest motivation is seeing young people explore Christianity and grow into leaders who are themselves impacting society for better. The Nav ministry at UofC involves building bridges with students from all backgrounds, one-on-one mentoring, small group Bible discussions, weekly meetings, and Get-a-Ways and conferences.