I’m not perfect, but I’m present
no longer a visitor, I am a resident
A resident of the kingdom of light
haven’t always done what’s right
but I’ve come back to the fight
to give the blind sight,
no more black and white
I see in full colour
 I see all my sisters and brothers
all the many nations
part of one great creation
Will fear keep us apart?
will I let fear rule my heart?
will I let the pain from the past
dwell in me, till I breathe my last?
nah I got to be brave, let the people in
I will not be a slave, to the fear within
sure I could get hurt
end up face down in the dirt
But I’d rather reach out
extend my hand outward
then retract it in doubt
I won’t be a coward
Are the lives in my country the only ones that matter
should the rest of the world starve for one country to be fatter
it doesn’t make you tough
Shutting the doors
to let others have it rough
and suffer through wars
you yell and you bellow
but deep down your yellow
on the outside your tinged
a strange shade of orange
It’s us against the world you claim
so many hurting people
wanting something to blame
all of the sheeple
praising your name
I won’t follow the leader
With his me first mentality
I really don’t need your
thirst for brutality
because I’m not afraid
im not a snowflake
I will not fade
or melt away
you can cower and cry,
keep telling your lies
but I’d rather stand with those in need
then stand by and let the world bleed

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