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The Navigators of Canada are a movement of people across the world who follow the teachings of Jesus and help individuals find their true purpose and meaning in life. As Navigators, we have committed ourselves to transforming our cities and communities. By actively loving those around us, wherever and whoever they may be, we hope to change the world. Want to join in? Find out more below.

Careers / Job Postings

  1. Navigator Internship

    Brief Description
    The Navigator internship is designed to give participants a hands-on learning experience in the nature of full-time ministry and an introduction to the Navigator calling and ethos. Our desire is to infuse you with the skills and disciplines necessary to help others grow in their faith, draw closer to God, join God in mission and become more like Jesus.

    Our goal is that this internship will also translate into the rest of your life. We are passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom. We long to see God's love renew and transform the lives of people and communities. All over the world, there are communities of people who need to experience the good news of Jesus and his Kingdom. Our goal is that by the end of this internship, you will be better equipped to follow Jesus wherever he might lead you.

    Full Description

    updated: August 29, 2018

    Start Date: September 1 (contingent on funding)
    Program Length: 1-2 years
    Hours/week: Part Time or Full Time opportunities available
    Compensation Type: Deputized Fundraising
    Contact Person: Tim Amirault tima@navigators.ca
    Please note, we strongly encourage and suggest that all applicants have their applications submitted by the end of March. However, applications may still be accepted and considered after that time.


    What will you get out of this?
    • Greater experiential understanding of the Gospel and Kingdom of God
    • The chance to engage deeply with God through spiritual disciplines
    • Opportunities to join with others in living out the Gospel and tangibly serving your community
    • Opportunities to help others make sense of Jesus, his teaching and to follow him wholeheartedly.
    • Growth in skills, character and competence as a ministry leader in the context you serve
    • Intentional spiritual and personal development from Navigator Staff expressed through prayer, coaching, guidance and feedback
    • Opportunity to reflect on and integrate lessons learned to the rest of your life
    • The opportunity to work as part of a Navigator team
    Qualities of Successful Candidates
    • A recent graduate from university/college or between 20-35 years old (flexible)
    • Desiring to grow in their knowledge of God and His calling on their life
    • Interested in growing their faith by serving, helping others do the same
    • Interested in developing missional living habits
    • Leadership and communication skills
    • Able to work both independently and on a team in an ever-changing work environment
    • Willing to stretch past their comfort zones in leadership and discipleship
    • Willing to submit to the Navigator Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Conduct Policy
    • Pursue God as a lifestyle by engaging in prayer, Bible reading, journaling, Scripture memory and others to help facilitate personal and spiritual development
    • Commit to meeting fundraising objectives for your budget and team budget
    • Help others grow in their walk with God by serving in the community, facilitating group Bible studies, meeting one-on-one and praying for individuals.
    • Initiating spiritual conversations with those who are spiritually curious and guiding investigative Gospel studies.
    • Attend ministry gatherings, local and national staff meetings, facilitate meetings where and when appropriate
    • Help plan events. This may include planning retreats and conferences, and/or speaking and leading at regional, or national Navigator events.
    • Commit your designated number of Navigator ministry hours to Navigator activities and assignments.
    • Attend the Advance National Gatherings.
    How to apply
    Please complete the following forms and send them to Tim Amirault [tima@navigators.ca]. Please, include your resumé along with your application form.
    • Internship Application – [download]
    • Internship Ministry References – [download]
    • Internship Non-Ministry References (x2) – [download]
    Supplementary Documents:
    • Resumé