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The Navigators of Canada are a movement of people across the world who follow the teachings of Jesus and help individuals find their true purpose and meaning in life. As Navigators, we have committed ourselves to transforming our cities and communities. By actively loving those around us, wherever and whoever they may be, we hope to change the world. Want to join in? Find out more below.

Who we are

Who We Are

What are you searching for? The Navigators of Canada want to help you. We have an active staff force across the country helping people like you in their quest for answers to life's questions. We create spaces for you to interact with others, to feel valued, safe and secure. If we have your curiosity, learn more about Who We Are >>

What we do

What We Do

Visit our Ministries page to see where we're at work and how you can join in!

What we believe

What We Believe

The Navigators of Canada spend a lot of time thinking about life's big questions and things greater than ourselves. Click here to find out more about what we believe >>

Our History

Our History

The Navigators got their beginning in 1933 when Dawson Trotman began mentoring a young US sailor named Les Spencer. As a result, 135 men on board the USS West Virginia were influenced by Les before their ship sank at Pearl Harbor in 1944. The Navigators continued to grow in the US and slowly began to spread internationally.

In September 1960 Gene and Edie Soderberg were commissioned by the president of the Navigators to bring the Navigators to Canada. Continue reading >>

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The Navigators are financially accountable to the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) and carry their seal of accountability. For more information,visit the CCCC's website >>

The Navigators are affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of
Canada >>