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Mission Components

 We are all engaged in some type of local mission weekly. Help finding volunteer opportunities and people to volunteer with are provided.

One component of the Mission Immersion Project is to travel to Ghana in May to learn from T.K. whose ministry to the homeless orphans in Accra and the rural school he is building in the country side compliments his role as Dean of Student Affairs at the University.

For the past several years we have also traveled to Toronto to learn from Sanctuary, a church whose core members are homeless, or otherwise marginalized. 

Study components

As a group we study Jesus life and teachings alongside of modern writings on mission in addition to our mission involvement.

Read More on the Mission Immersion Website

One-on-one mentoring opportunities

Individual one-on-one mentoring opportunities will also be available to people in this group. Contact Dan McIver or Sam Allison for more infomation


Volunteer Opportunities

Experience personal enrichment through community service.

Our Partnership Volunteer Opportunities:

Running & Reading
Help disadvantaged kids in Kingston with fitness, literacy and positive adult role modeling.  This high energy program is a great way to get involved in students who are just starting out in life and is tons of fun.  No running experience necessary! Learn more about Running & Reading.

Starting in October we will be having our Running and Reading club in the brand new Molly Brant Public School stay tuned for more details.

Contact: Dan McIver


Nightlight Kingston 

Nightlight Kingston is a drop in centre for homeless and hurting people in Kingston. They provide a warm relational atmosphere and coffee too.

Learn more about Nightlight Kingston

Other Volunteer Opportunities

For other volunteer opportunities such as with Immigrant Services of Kingston and with the Kingston Health Centre, we can help get you set up.

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