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Dan McIver

Kingston/Queen's Navigator Staff

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Sue was already living and working with the Navigators in Kingston when Dan and Sue got married in 1994 and Dan joined the Navs team.  Since then, they've been busy raising three boys, among many other things!

Dan founded the Run and Read program in Kingston and led many designed missional experiences in Ecuador. He is an "alongsider" in our Mission Immersion project which means he loves mentoring students, helping them discover their life mission!


Sam Allison

Kingston - Navigator Intern

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Sam is a recent graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa, earning a Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Statistics. The Navigators have deeply impacted his life through different bible studies, weekly events, and mentors throughout his 5 years at school. This year Sam is looking forward to having the opportunity to work with students in the Kingston area, particularly growing alongside students through discipleship and living missionally in Kingston. He loves sports, the TV show Friends, and the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

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