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Sorry, we aren't a sailing Club!

The Navigators in Kingston exist to help people to live their lives on a mission. For Christians that means becoming more like Jesus, doing what Jesus did and hanging around with people Jesus hung around with. For both Christians and people of different faiths or beliefs it means all of us joining together to love and serve people in need in our community.

Hear one students story of Navigators influence on his time at Queens

We would love to burst your bubble:

  • The student bubble - Being completly excluded from the community you are in off campus. The solution: Run and Read program helping kids north of Princess Street or helping at Nightlight (see our volunteer options)

  • The socio-economic bubble. Students are often from middle to upper income backgrounds and "are only interested in their own affairs". Help break down steriotypes by getting involved with people in need in the community. This could be the most important and meaningful thing you do in your student career. 

  • The faith bubble - only hanging out with people who believe the same things as you. Join our Mission Immersion Project to reach out while learning what it means to lead others into mission.

Let's break out!

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Who are The Navigators?
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