Resources for Advance 2018

Hope Bible Study


Photos (2016)

Advance 2016

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Sessions (2016)

Session 1: Michael Frost – Coming Soon
Session 2: Deb Hirsch

Session 3: Mike Shamy

Session 4: Alan Hirsch

Workshops (2016)

Thinking Missionally

with Alan Hirsch

Wisely Navigating the Stages of Life and Faith

with Luch Del Monte

Your Story Matters, Set it Free

with Ron Pagé

Fragmented to Focused

with Tricia McCary Rhodes

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5 Habits of Highly Missional People

with Michael Frost

The 3 R’s of Spiritual Formation

with Barb Haycraft

A Strategy to Disciple a Mobile World

with Jim Klaas

Being Discipled Through Helping Others

with Dan McIver

Deliberate Faith @ Work

with Pete Kuehni

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Integrating Development and Ministry

with Nikki Horne and Andy Atkins

Transforming Lives and Transforming Cities

 with Chris Barrett | about

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Engaging Non-Believers about Life’s Real Issues

with Tom Howse | about

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Exploring the Vision of the Navigators

 with Mike Shamy | about

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Redeeming Sex

Deb Hirsch

Due to the sensitive nature of this talk, Deb has requested that this recording not be shared publicly. If you have any questions, please contact Jaimie

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Cheryl Meredith

Due to a family health situation, Cheryl was not able to deliver her talk at Advance 2016. Instead, here is a recording and slides of the same workshop from the Navigator US conference in November:

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Resources from Whistler 2014

Resource from the last National gathering can be found on the Navigators YouTube Channel