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Mike Shamy serves on the Navigators’ International Executive Team as Vice-President of the World Wide Partnership. Originally from New Zealand, his first encounter with the Navigators came when he met a lady named Audrey, who had become a Christian through the work of a Navigator she knew. At the time Mike was not a believer, but after meeting Audrey, he was so intrigued by her relationship with Christ he decided to become a Christian by the end of 1971. Soon after this, Audrey introduced him to a young Navigator doctor who began discipling him. In 1973, Mike and Audrey were married and formally joined the Navigators as staff at the end of 1979. Until 1984, Mike led the Navigator student ministries at the universities of Canterbury and Otago, after which he left to lead a ministry for graduates and newlyweds in Christchurch. In 1989, he became the National Director of the New Zealand Navigators and in 1999, joined the U.S. National Leadership Team and led the Metro Ministries. In 2005 he joined the IET where he remains currently, connecting with labourers in Latin America and Asia Pacific to provide leadership to the efforts there, as well as developing and discipling new leaders for the next generation. He and Audrey, who works as a palliative care nurse, have been married for 42 years, have four adult children, seven grandchildren and currently live in Auckland, NZ. Mike co-authored The Insider with Jim Petersen.

Sat June 11, 8:30 am (part 1) & Mon June 13, 8:30 am (part 2)

The Power of Seed

Instead of stories of empires and armies, Jesus told stories of vineyards, field, soil and seed. These everyday things help people understand how the Kingdom grows in the world. He spoke of labourers working in fields, of seed dying and giving new life. The small, silent and what appears insignificant eventually growing and permeating the world around it. Jesus invested deeply in a few people. He was growing seed for the future. His emphasized what he would continue to accomplish through his disciples, generation after generation.

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