IMPORTANT: Because of regional security issues, we ask that all conference attendees refrain from posting photos or other media that could identify CB during her time with us.

Born to British parents in Nairobi, Kenya, CB spent her childhood in Africa, England and Switzerland. As a pre-teen, her family immigrated to Canada. In 1991, she and her husband joined The Navigators and moved from Toronto to an overseas ministry, where they have served with The Navigators ever since. Together, they run a Business as Mission, out of which they dream of seeing disciple-​making movements flow across the Middle East.​

CB’s lifelong mission is to worship God and to grow in joyful and expectant prayer, rooted in the promises of God, on behalf of, and with, friends and neighbours in their community.

We are certain her words and experiences will inspire new insights and fresh perspectives on how you live out discipleship to Jesus in your contexts.

Saturday June 9, 5:15 PM

Hope in the Waiting

CB has laboured for 27 years in a dry and hostile context. The lessons God has taught her about keeping hope alive and having a joyfully expectant faith will encourage you in your contexts to believe God for the “greater things”!

Sunday June 10, 9:30 AM

Panel: What is the Spirit Saying to Us?