Meet the team

When I said yes to Chris Barrett’s request that I consider being the 2016 National Conference Directory, I was pumped. It is a huge event, bigger than any other event I’ve overseen, but that wasn’t what excited me. I think The Navigators have a beautiful vision of God’s Kingdom and life on life discipleship. I love what I do; I love seeing God transform people out of patterns, habits and hopelessness and bring life and wholeness. This is eternal and meaningful work and nothing else is worth giving my life to. So, if I have the chance to empower and equip our staff through the upcoming conference, I wanted to give my energies to this truly magnificent endeavor. What can be greater than to have people grow in discipleship and carry on that calling with the generations to come?

My maternal grandparents in India came to Christ through the missionary groundwork laid by William Carey. They later partnered with Canadian missionaries from Toronto. Now here I am serving with the Navigators. That’s the beauty of generational discipleship, you never know how God will take your “two fish and five loaves” and change the course of history. Generations is the focus of our 2016 conference. We want everyone who attends to grow in the area of disciple making. It is an art form in which the Holy Spirit is moulding and shaping people all the while inviting us to join in. We are putting our best effort forth to plan and execute an unforgettable conference that allows you learn from each other and from provocative and challenging thinkers.

Come and learn together.

See you in Blue Mountain!


 Conference Team

  • Kimberly Matthisen

    Assistant Director

  • Jaimie Thom

    Production Manager

  • Jeremy Horne

    YL Pre-Conference Director

  • Munjula Saito

    Staff Pre-conference Director

  • Laura van Zanden


  • Rick McCallum


  • Janelle Lightborne

    Worship Co-ordinator

  • Eric Stolte

    Prayer Co-ordinator

  • Kevin Jolly

    Speaker Liaison

  • Chris Barrett

    Generation Next Pre-Conference
  • Paul Tan

    Workshops Co-ordinator
  • Dennis Funk

    Communications Co-ordinator