Meet the team

Recently a neighbour’s maple tree collapsed and fell onto our carport. What a mess! It stood alone, apart from a stand of trees. No one noticed its trunk had rotted. It was toppled by a light breeze and almost ended up in our kitchen!

I hope I never collapse like that maple. Solitary and corrupted. Much of the work I do is alone and apart from other disciples who share my vision. And I must continually fight against the root rot that threatens my soul. Do you feel the same?

Our mandate is a high and holy calling: to make disciples of Jesus. At the end of the day, the only thing He is counting is disciples. However, it’s easy to lose sight of this isn’t it? Disciplemaking can be a difficult and long process!

Moreover, we are scattered across Canada like maple trees in various environments and stages of life. We all face the headwinds of secularization and note the crisis of confidence in the gospel that infects much of Western Christianity.

When Chris asked me to direct this national conference last summer, I said yes. Since joining The Navigators 21 years ago, I have attended six Canadian national conferences. I left each one better taught and spiritually renewed. But most significant to me was the reminder I am part of a cadre of men and women who share my passion for disciplemaking.

I said yes to this conference because I keep thinking of the word Jesus spoke in John 7.6: “Your time is now.” The Navigators of Canada are showing many signs of new life. We have nine new interns. Some of the city teams are coming together and bearing fruit. It is a privilege to co-labour with you.

The planning team and I are crafting this conference to renew your heart, engage your mind and sharpen your practice. At Advance 2018, you will realize how many extraordinary comrades you have who, like you, are living out Kingdom faith and deeds as beacons of hope in a darkened world.

Our best days as Navigators may be ahead as we stand together, vibrant and sure of the hope that animates our lives and ministries: Christ in us, the hope of glory!


 Conference Team

  • Kimberly


    Director of Operations and Finance
  • Bonnie


    Prayer Co-ordinator
  • Rick


    Calgary Host Director

  • Janelle


    Registrar and Operations Assistant
  • Correen


  • Susan


  • Chris


  • Scott


  • Brendan Danielson